Everything is done with love

Ever since I entered college I always have this confusion of what I really want to do and eventually, of what I would become. I wanted to pursue law but my parents wanted me to become a doctor, so I ended up following my parents and studied Rehabilitation Medicine. But just like the others who are trapped with the wrong choices, they ended up practicing a totally different profession. It’s a common cliché but genuinely true.

I guess we shouldn’t stop searching what we really want to do. For some it’s the prestige of the work or the pay that keeps them going. But for me, it’s the satisfaction of making my love ones happy. In our family, food is a special language that allows us to express what we feel. My dad will always cook his simple noodle recipe every time he feels like being affectionate to us. My mom will always prepare her famous meat dishes like: morcon, kare kare and patatim for our relatives to feast during special occasions. I never really thought that I would practice all the teachings I got from my mom and my loving Aunt Ella who made me stay in the kitchen every weekend to assist her with her cooking and baking. I started learning how to whisk and fold batter using a spatula when I was 7 years old. Ever since I never stopped having the curiosity of finding and learning the different cooking and baking recipes. My passion for baking opened another door for me.  Now, my kitchen is my office, my clinic, my own little place that allows me to become free and creative. Baking is like an infinite world for me. There is so much to learn and so much to give. I want to share with you my world, my kitchen and the scrumptious ideas and the delectable recipes that I give to my family. Everything is done with love. 🙂